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Artist statement


In a post dada, post pop era, I see contemporary art as an open horizon, free of boundaries and limitations.

In my work I mix still photography, film, video, new media, quotes, samples, sound art, documentation, narrative, abstract, spoken word and poetry into a single, unified new art form.

My work refers to the development of art as an evolutionary process. I see evolution as the key principle of the development of art, culture, science, life and matter itself.




Projection Photography


The works utilize Projection Photography, a unique technique developed by Yoav Ruda in which still photography and HD video are projected onto textures and objects and recaptured again on camera. The technique allows analog optical process of the images

By Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

Digital Graffiti


The images of the exhibition were projected onto urban textures in the south part of Tel Aviv. Original photography and video, graphic texts & found footage were all projected and embedded in the urban landscape during the projection photography sessions.

Spoken Word


The videos feature original Spoken Word texts, auto narrated by Text to Speech software.

Spoken Word brings the contemporary urban language and vibrations of the street to the art sphere. The auto narration creates a twist, an artificial touch to a personal text. The structured rhymed style of the text creates a contrast with the wild, abstract, free style images.

Still to animation


Archive pictures and street art images are animated and brought to life within the gallery.  

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